Since its foundation in 2000 yorulmaz Cargo has become  a closely follawed  company with its clear and  succesful past.

YORULMAZ CARGO pravides its services with a never-ending care for customer satisfaction and safety priniciples.

Combining years of experience with our customers demands and needs.we use the price-quality axis in the most effıcient way.

Combining years of experience with our customers demands and needs we use the pirice index in the mosr effıcient way.

Starting its commercial life with a modest amount of 3 vehicles,Yorulmaz Cargo continues to serve aver 40 various vehicles today.

With its 20 years of experience YORULMAZ CARGO has become a significant firim in cargo.partial and complete overland transport in Turkey,ıraq,Afghanistan.Geargia and Azerbaijan lines.

With its adaptive and effıcient structure talented and capable workfarce it can produce customer,Project and product facused analytic solutions in a precise and definitive manner.


 To combine customer,Project and product focused analytic solutions with capable human resources and technology and crete teamwork .


With good analysis,correct planning and being able to pravide correct solutions at once,to make budget and workforce recoveries constant.