We are able to successfully conduct continuous intake and  distribution services from 17 m³ to 100 m³ bettween any of the province and counties in the Marmara region during the da yor the night.


With these possibilities,primarily textile and outomotive products,and other products of all sorts of specifıc features are laaded,transported,stored and distributed with rigorous planning and insurance.



Intercity transportation had become the foundation of our campany.As yorulmaz cargo we serve with curtainsider,flatbed,sliding roof,semitrailer,jumbo,refrigerated and rood train,steel casing options in our awned and rented vehicles to allof the varios product transportations of our  customers.All of the vehicles awned by  our company are closely follawed by tracking systems for safety,ecological concerns and time effıciency.All of the vehicles and products transported by us are subject to “ınland carrier’s financial liability ınsurance “.Its insured by us in case of any negative conditions and effects.



We are realizing our cargo,partial and complete transportation jobs combined with the customs,loading and unloading services with insurance for mainly Middle East also Northern and Eastern European countries,in the Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards.

In addition to and integrated with our International transportation with the agencies.We provide competitive price advantages in maritime transportation from and to every country,complete with the required local transportations.



Your products are stored are stored in our open or closed depots in orhanlı istenbul and Gebze,Kocaeli with 7/24 survelliance,private security and insurances that cover all passible problems and risks.All the products that  are stored categorized and preserved accordanig to their various features.We also pravide tagging,packaging and handling services along side of loading unloading and processes in our depots capable of staring 20.000 laaded pallets.



YORULMAZ CARGO continues to provide transportation for containers of all types and sizes with its ready equipment and vehicles.We have an area of 5000 m² designated for containers.Container loading/unloading processes are handled,including the machinery,pallets, iron without any problems and  in an effıcient manner with 3 farklifts at our disposal.


Your products that are oversized or subject to different measurements due to different  tonnage or size are able to be transported with our expert team.We provide the most econamical and least time consuming solutions and handle the permits and route planning(escort,vehicle,onland travel).Years of experience and our available lowbed and hydraulic vehicles eases your workload on heavy transpartion.Integrating heavy-load services into our freight transpartion,we provide solutions to your demands with engineer analysis in grater scale international projects by providing special vessels,and dock loading unloading services.Also all commodites that are being transparted in every process is insured.


We provide the lowest passible consts while taking off responsibility of your fırım with our aggregation,starage and distribution services you ask for all your passible products.We prevent lass of time and workforce by advantages of the low costs directly contributing to yourprafıt.

In 3PL(Third party logistics) we take on our customer’s all logistics activity,primarily in the areas for transportation and starage.We are capable in processes of storage with international or domestic transpartation,stacks control,packaging labelling forwarding and distribution.

In 4PL (Fourth party logistics) by combining the different demands of our customers with information technologies,it has been able to meet any requirements from receiving the product from its source to manufacturing pracess,starage and the end-user.



Directly servicin 66 regions and covering the rest with our partners,we serve with the low prices providing good rivalry advantage for all sorts of B2B cargo  services.With the product and Project focused solutions,we provide reporting programs allowing you to track your productson-demand.

We povide your consignments’arrival in 24 hours in the distance up to 600 kilometres and in 48 hours in other cases.

To ensure %100 customer satisfaction,it is the base difference of our company to use its experienced human resources,effıcient time planning,sectorial experience with most up to date investments and equipment.Our fırst target is to provide our customers the cargo service with quality standards they deserve.